While capturing the images, very often people do not take care of the background and the superfluous and unsuitable background takes away the beauty of the image. Image masking service arises when the major subject in the photo border is surrounded by a legion of surplus objects. Color Center International (CCI) uses the latest photoshop masking techniques to remove backgrounds from images such as hair,  fur or the foliage on trees, resulting in sharp and smooth edges that look consistently professional.

Creating a clipping mask around objects that have blurred or fuzzy edges can often create results which are less than perfect. The aim of Color Center International is to ensure that every picture you send us is finished to the most exacting standards. Even if the image you wish to use is set against the most detailed background of dark or gradient color, CCI can separate it from the foreground image whilst maintaining high quality and a fantastic level of detail.

We provide an image masking service for photos that are not suitable for a standard clipping path. We guarantee to deliver great results to clients who expect nothing less. Irrespective of the level of outline complexity, CCI’s skilled graphics operatives can surmount all problems to deliver a superlative result. Each of our skilled operatives has a particular area of expertise and continues to build on that skills base to ensure they are a master of their craft. You can rest assured that your image masking needs will be tackled by a consummate professional with a level of experience unrivaled within the offshore graphic studio sector.

To create a right impact online, it is very imperative to present the right view of your product so that viewers can feel the product through its image. Therefore, companies are turning to the Color Center International as effortlessly even though some of them had their own in house design studio right in their offices. We transform images to match and even exceed your expectations with the help of the latest techniques. We are one of the pioneers in providing you Image masking services, with numerous years of experience comes the high quality output and the ability to meet your clients’ expectations.

The work of each skilled operative of CCI is vetted via a rigorous quality control process to ensure that we get it right first time and every time. Because we know that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link and so even the tiniest error made whilst applying a photoshop masking technique will ruin the entire effect.

Presently, image masking become very important to process complex images for product catalogue, magazine, brochures, calendar, poster, photograph use for online shops and more.

Masking technique is not at all a simple task rather it is a very time consuming and eye straining. Even from most complicated images, our professionals remove the background in an excellent way with full concentration and maximum time devotion.

With image masking at CCI, you can be assured of 100% accuracy. We use to handle everything for you in a very short time and for a very effective cost and of course according to your necessities. The price for photo masking typically starts from US$ 02.00 per image. But the price for Image Masking conversion varies according to complexity. Our Turnaround time is 24 hours. We are here with all types of masking expertise, so don't wait, contact us now at http://www.colorcenterint.com.

Image Masking

Variation of Image Masking Service, CCI provides
Alpha Channel or Soft Masking
Alpha Channel Masking is also known as Soft masking. It is another way to isolate images. An additional channel is created here that takes on the shape of the isolated object rather than color. The Alpha channel is made by using the color combination with the most contrast.

Layer Masking
Layer mask is a processing of black and white areas which is purely says whether part are shown or not. It is a practical masking suitable for compound images such as semi transparent, hair, fur or translucent image. Layer Masking helps to hide pixels giving your image a perfect edge. Though these pixels can be brought back whenever required.

Transparency Masking Service
Transparent Image Masking is a brilliant extension of photoshop masking. It ensures smooth elimination or knockout background of those images with gradient transparencies. This kind of masking has unique application of transparent and semi-transparent objects like glass, smoke, ice cube, lightning, light ceramics, highlights, water, jewelry, fine edge etc.

Translucent Masking Service  
Translucent Image Masking is an amazing expansion of photoshop masking. It can make semi-transparent or translucent images where the normal clipping path service or Image Masking service is almost fail to find out the optimistic better results. The most important job of photoshop translucent masking is to perform for Images translucent over glass, smoke, lightning, highlights and fine-edge jewelries that make sense images practically translucent to remove the background of semi-transparent or translucent image. CCI is always an enormously expert in completing quality translucent image masking services faultlessly.

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