Image manipulation denotes modifying an image to express what you desire rather than what the original image may be exhibited. It is a great way to merge two or more photos in one.  Image manipulation is a highly popular element within the portfolio of image treatment services of Color Center International (CCI) and is a specialized area of graphic design which involves taking one part of an image and blending it into a different. The objective is to create a finished composition which is seamless and looks natural by uniting the best qualities of each picture.

Color Center International has considerable experience within this highly skilled area of image processing service. We provide all types of image manipulation service from dramatic lighting changes or adding speed effects to manipulating perspective and scenic interpolations. For example, this service is suitable for you, if you need a neck joint service in your clothing photos. Once our skilled operatives have worked their magic, we can assure you’d never know that the finished creation is not the original one.

Image manipulation can make an ordinary photo to an extraordinary photo which can easily blow your mind. It is the technique of modifying an image either by adding objects or people in the images background or foreground. Color Center International provides a good combination that your images get a realistic look.

The art of image manipulation requires something more than just technical skills and expertise. Rather, it needs a high level of creativity and experience in order to understand the best way of presenting a photograph. CCI uses a number of image manipulation software packages such as Photoshop and Illustrator. We can deal with any type of file and can export to whichever format is best for you.

Color Center International is extremely committed to provide the best image manipulating service which you have never seen so far. We have also achieved the position of a particular kind of art which often exceeds standard photography and painting. We are devoted to giving high quality work and brought 100% clients' satisfaction to our international clients with advanced quality.

We work closely with our clients to understand what they want to achieve and then go about making that happen efficiently and diligently, resulting in flawless images which won’t fail to impress you. So, whether you want to create the ultimate fantasy beach for a magazine feature or need to composite different products into the same image for a catalogue, Color Center International can easily handle the task. We also provide test job segment for our clients so that you can feel the quality of our work.

Color Center International (CCI) always start with a service plan for your particular Image manipulation projects and also form logical processing requirements. Our image manipulation service has tremendous significance in product photography, magazine, newspaper layout design, fashion houses, e-commerce websites, advertisement agency and for other brand promotion.

Image manipulation is a process of digital image editing by which an image or photograph can be enhanced or modified. If you are thinking to manipulate your images, CCI team is the highest solution for you. We are always ready to manipulate your images according to your preference. CCI has highly qualified person who can accept any inputs clients provide for image processing. Our valued clients will get a clear view of what our team can do with that image. We  have the knowledge to understand what you want from us. If you suggest, our service providers, can apply their thought on your comment and can deliver a good and acceptable output to you. Once we deliver your image, you will be able to determine the output standard and its accuracy compares to other image manipulation service providers. Please contact us at We offer 24/7 hours client support. The image manipulation price of CCI starts from US $ 1.90. The price is also set according to complexity.

Image Manipulation

Categories of Image Manipulation Services, CCI Provides
We follow the right steps of image manipulation to manipulate all kinds of images. We can bring huge changes in your photos like-
•    Creating an image and adding a number of people in it who are missing from that group
•    Changing colors of the eye,  removing red eye, making perfect white teeth
•    Transforming background of an image or replacing with any color
•    Adding watermarks or transforming a shadow effect in an image
•    Transforming color of any object such as lips or dress of the model
•    Resizing of images or cropping an image
•    Repairing damaged images
•    Modifying products color & texture from the image
•    Converting image to sketches, paintings or cartoon
•    Removing spot/wrinkles/jagged edges
•    Changing back portion of an image or repairing image like neck joint

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