1. Can I use free trial work?

Yes, obviously! Do you have a lot of images for processing and want to check our quality before final order? We offer 2 free trials for our new clients to evaluate our quality. We also offer risk free services that means, we serve until your 100% satisfaction.
2. When I have to make payment?

We usually have got payment from our clients after finishing the whole project with 100% satisfaction.

3. How to make an order?

It is very easy to submit an order to us. Just create an account using registration option and login with username and password. Now upload your file with proper instruction as your need and submit. If need more help you can contact us.
4. Are my photos secure with Color Center Int.?

Yes, we believe in professionalism and strictly maintain secrecy of all information as well as content of our clients. All the staff of Color Center Int. are highly prohibited to use any images or photos of any clients for personal purpose. Moreover, our total equipment is protected by firewall for inbound & outbound protection.
5. What types of file can I submit?

You can easily send us any kind of files it can be JPG, PSD, EPS, TIFF, RAW or NEF. However, JPG files are best to work and it saves time. If you have any problem you can contact us.
6. How can I get a quote?

Quotation is very important to start a job, we have a pricing list there you get a basic idea about it. It is varied according to service and image quality. First send us your sample images and your desired instruction. Our experts will send you a reasonable quote after analyzing all within one hour.

7. Is there any limitation of file size?

Not at all, you can very easily upload any size of file using our FTP system. We also have web uploader system. You can use it for any kind of small file (64MB each file).
8. How do I pay?

You can use PayPal, Master Card, Visa Card, American express for make payment.
9. What about turnaround time?

Well, it is very essential. We always try to complete our tusk within very short time (24 hour). It is depends on image quantity and the quality level.
10. How long you work?

Our team work 24/7 round the year.

11. How do you promise to keep low cost facilities?

Actually, we have a strong expert team at Dhaka, Bangladesh. In our country it is very easy to get skilled employee within very low cost than a developed country. And it is the main secret of our low cost service. So, you can kill a bird with a stone.
Do you have other question still now? Feel free to contact us with your question. We are ready to answering your question.

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