Color correction is a splendid process where the ensured picture substance is detached from the unprotected substance which is graphically adjusted so the photographic picture of the items basically look better in different colors. It is favored for beauty retouching where existing shade is veiled with completely distinctive shades that make it look brighter, shinier and more centered.Color Center International (CCI) is always there to help you out with your images. Our service level is used to correct problems in color quality and tonal range in images intended for high-class catalogs, magazines, brochures and web publishing. Our trained specialists use the comprehensive set of tools in Photoshop for the images to be corrected.

Sometimes the photographs do not come out as expected due to poor lighting or faulty handling of the camera. Even old photographs might also become yellow and crinkly with time. And here color correction works. Color Correction Service is an advanced step of the clipping path service. It is the process of transforming old and new photographs with minor or severely damaged images into its true colors.

Your asked or obliged shade may speak to your website Theme or the brand color that you possess, we utilize our most extreme professionalism to color your reasoning truly. In CCI’s color correction service, the contrast and sharpness levels are adjusted and the values of the color channels are changed to achieve the desired result. The expert team of CCI tenders reliable and faster services to the global customers.
Our color correction services include:
•    Correcting white balance
•    Setting the right contrast, brightness and sharpness of the images
•    Removing improper color casts
•    Improving and maintaining consistency in balance and tone
•    Repairing issues caused by improper exposure
•    Colorizing to enhance the look and feel
•    Converting images into a new color modes

Color correction of your pictures guarantees that they are light adjusted and conformed to the right tonal reach. Color adjustments incorporate presentation, temperature, shade, highlight, shadow payment, immersion, contrast, vibrancy and clarity. Our experts have a tremendous knowledge of color correction service. The CCI team strives to finish a whole occupation in 24 hours.

Color Center International foresee to giving you just the most astounding quality picture related administrations conceivable. You will get a complete graphic design solution from us. Our professional color correction team guarantees you perfect quality and 100% satisfaction. To prepare the best quality we offer perfect handmade color correction.

Outsource photo correction services to Color Center International and impress your customers with picture perfect images. Moreover, you can also invest all your time on your core business of taking photographs. CCI’s color correction services can restore your customer’s treasured photos to its full value. CCI management has more than several year experience in the design industry and experience in online and data delivery management. Client’s satisfaction is our best capital. By outsourcing photo color correction services to Color Center International, you can save on your time, resources and operating costs. Price of each image for color correction services starts from US $ 2.80. It’s more cost effective than doing it yourself. Calculate yourself how much it costs to produce color correction with your existing human resources. Just believe us, you will be surprised to see the trademark quality we can produce for you at a cheap and logical rate.

Our maximum turnaround time is 24 hours. But if you only have a few images that needs to be designed, definitely you can expect the turnaround time to be even shorter. We offer 24/7 hours client support. Please contact us at

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